Host a Scentsy Party

Learn how you can host a Scentsy party.

Step 1

Contact your consultant

Reach out to let them know you’re interested to host a Scentsy party.

Step 2

Decide when & where

Your Consultant walks you through your party options, then you can start inviting your friends and family. Options include a Facebook party or a catalog party,

Step 3

Party time!

Your Consultant will bring products to sample and share, answer questions and take orders while you get your mingle on. For Facebook parties samples can be sent to your party guests by request. For catalog parties you as the host will receive a packet that would include some catalogs to share with you friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. This packet will also include some samples for you to share. You will also receive a small host gift as a token of my appreciation. At the time being I can only accept hosts are in the United States.

What can I earn for hosting?

Earn Host Rewards — free and half-price products — as soon as your party hits $200 in sales. The bigger the party, the bigger your rewards!

Host a Scentsy Party






Potential Host Rewards

$20 credit + 1 half-priced credits

$35 credit + 2 half-priced credits

$75 credit + 3 half-priced credits

$150 credit + 4 half-priced credits

How can you host a Scentsy Party?

You can contact me for more information or check out this page for more information. You can host a Facebook party or a catalog party.

Facebook parties – These are where I create a event group for you and do all the work with creating posts and content. All you’d need to do is invite your family and friends and participate in the posts.

Catalog party – This is where I would create a party link for you to share with your family, friends, and co-workers on and off social media.